APC knows the pet food industry needs ingredients that are functional, label friendly and cost effective. At the same time, savvy pet parents are seeking out foods, treats and supplements that are beneficial for their pets. Our plasma-based ingredients not only satisfy customers’ needs – they also offer many benefits to manufacturers.

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Multifunctional Ingredients

Plasma-based ingredients offer high quality protein, provide health benefits and offer a meaty profile that pets crave. Formulating foods, treats and supplements with plasma-based ingredients means pets will readily consume products that are naturally palatable to cats and dogs while also promoting health and well-being.

Our ingredients are a perfect protein replacement or extender and can reduce or replace other ingredients that are less desirable, in short supply or cost prohibitive. Using plasma means pets are getting quality, functional nutrition with multiple benefits while solving manufacturing challenges.

Plasma-based ingredients offer pet food manufacturers numerous physical functionality benefits. In wet, moist and semi-moist products, plasma increases gel strength, water holding capacity and emulsification. In dry, treat and supplement formulas, plasma also provides efficiency in the extruder and helps form tasty treats – all while increasing palatability and reducing formula costs.